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Mirmont Pictures Develops, Produces, and Distributes Genre-Specific Motion-Pictures for Cinema, Television, and VOD.

Founded in 2005 as the production company behind the award-winning short-film, The Beautiful Wind, Mirmont Pictures has become a full-fledged production company that finances, develops, produces, and brings to market demand-specific films for the global entertainment arena.

Our projects are chosen with meticulous evaluation by our board of executives and advised upon by a committee of veteran distributors, buyers, producers, and investors.

At any time, Mirmont may have a slate of up to ten films in any phase of development or production, and has a team of engineers dedicated solely to the research and development of future technologies in film distribution and delivery.

Founder & CEO
Sohrab Mirmont

Sohrab Mirmont won the 2005 New York International Film Festival Audience Award and was named Filmmaker to Watch by Digital Filmmaker Magazine UK for his first film, The Beautiful Wind.

His latest production, The Freemason, starring Sean Astin, has just completed production and Mr. Mirmont is now in-development for a number of upcoming films, including the Sci-Fi/Action-Thriller, Mars.

Originally from Iran, and showing talent representative of his great directorial lineage (nephew of internationally acclaimed Iranian Director, Abbas Kiarostami), Mirmont is paving the way for the future of cinema in both the way stories are told and the way they are delivered. He holds a degree from Full Sail University in Film Production and moved to America with his father and two siblings at the age of five.
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VP of Operations
Deborah Mozer

Deborah Mozer has an extensive background in finance and holds degrees in business finance, economics, and mathematics.  Her experience ranges from financial analyst for GE Capital, manager of multi-million dollar portfolios for Transamerica, and VP of Credit for Foothill Capital. 

Since joining the film industry in 2007, Deborah has produced several feature-films, short-films, and music videos that have won national to international acclaim.

She joins Mirmont as the Vice-President of Operations and manages the company's finances for incoming projects. Deborah is also in charge of bringing good and valuable projects to the Mirmont slate of endeavors.

VP of Production

Could Be You?

This person would be in charge of finding, nurturing, and bringing to production good and valuable projects for the Mirmont slate of endeavors.

They will work closely with the development department to create original projects and to improve and evolve pre-existing projects optioned or owned by Mirmont and its partner companies.

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VP of Development

Could Be You?

This person would be in charge of developing projects from concept and infancy to shoot-ready stages by working with our team of writers, producers, and distributors to create material that is both good in content and strong in elements required for good global sales.

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